Have you heard about HealthFlix?

In these unique times of change and adaptation, one of the most difficult thing to do is keeping a healthy rhythm. Maybe some of us tend to do too many things to avoid coping with blanks in their daily routine during lockdown. Some of us are maybe indulging into all sorts of excess or running after this little extra moment to take care about themselves in between house schooling, cooking, washing, working, solving conflits, etc...

Which ever position you're in right now, you might find great ressources in this online platform that is HealthFlix, "an online community built by leading experts in health and wellbeing to help us all get through the stress and isolation of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis".

Every week is scheduled with all types of conferences and classes that you can join for free to keep yourself cleverly or healthily busy. You'll find opportunities to listen to great specialists, to meditate, to explore all type of yoga practices or other useful tools to cope with stress, anxiety or to take care about your health.

I found it really worthy and I thought some of you might appreciate it too.

Enjoy and take care!


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